The Lake



Located two minutes outside of the village of Vieux-Mareuil (24340) in the Dordogne, France, Étang de la Carpe d'Or, The Golden Carp Lake, is a 5 hectare (12 acre) sand quarry that was abandoned and flooded in the late 1970's.


It is spring fed, and was used for irrigation for the earlier part of it's life, but then changed hands, several times, and has since been primarily used as a private lake up until 2014.


Somewhere between 1992 and 2014 a (failed) attempt was made at breeding sturgeon on site.


Well, the sturgeon are now long-gone, and, since purchasing the lake in 2015, we have made several major additions and changes to the site.

First and foremost is the stocking program. To compliment the existing stock we introduced over 4 tonnes of carp, between 4lbs and 70lbs (including a common of over 60lbs!), from March 2015 to February 2016.

This included 15 plus fish to over 50lbs, a stunning 52lb mirror measuring over a meter long, and 20 amazing Koi carp!


Check out our gallery for more pictures of the 2016 stockings.


Newly constructed roads allow easy access to all of our top-notch double swims, and to "The Cabin" and "The Lodge". The swims, and the Lodge and its facilities have been built to be wheelchair friendly.


For more info on these facilities, please click on the links.


The lake itself has been left relatively untouched for now, as its natural features, such as the weed and reed beds, sunken trees, overhanging branches, and depths between 1' to over 14', have yet to be fully explored by the resident carp.


So, if you fancy catching the fish of a lifetime (that has potentially never been caught before), in an environment that prioritises serious anglers and their families alike, then get booked in at Étang de la Carpe d'Or today!