Lake Rules



At The Golden Carp Lake, we want all clients to have a pleasant, stress-free and above-all safe experience at our lake. We also want the same for our fish!

The following "rules" are intended to be straightforward, no-nonsense, and for the benefit of all. They have been put together for anglers, by an angler. Although most of the rules would appear to most as being “normal practice”, experience has shown us that it is best to have them written down, even just as a reminder to all!




Safety deposit amount is €300/£300 PER SWIM. Lake Exclusive deposit is €600/£600 per group. Safety deposits are obligatory and to be paid via PayPal or in cash on arrival.




Check-in is at 12h00, although we are available up to 16h00 on Saturday, by prior arrangement. We ask that the lead booker contact us on or before the Friday prior to your arrival to confirm arrival times.

Departures are between 09h00 and 10h00 at the latest on Saturdays. Please ensure your ferry/train bookings and travel times coincide with this. Planned early departures should be discussed prior to, or immediately upon arrival.