We provide carp mats, recovery slings, tripods and scales AS STANDARD on every swim.


Additional tackle and equipment is available for rent individually, or as part of the following Tackle Package:


  • Single/Double bivvy*
  • Nash H-Gun bed chair
  • Nash H-Gun bank chair
  • Nash H-Gun bivvy table
  • Ridgemonkey bivvy and head torch pack
  • 3x Nash Entity 2.75-3.5lb 12’ rods
  • JRC Extreme TX 3-rod pod
  • 42/50”* landing net (*depending on availability at time of booking)


Tackle Package is €150 per angler, payable on arrival, with a €200/£200 deposit.


Individual items from €15-€50 per week plus deposit.


We do not supply pillows or sleeping bags.


We do not supply reels, bite alarms, butt-rests, hangers, end-tackle, rigs, bait needles, scissors or leads.