- For your safety, the gates and main parking areas are covered by CCTV.


- Vehicles are allowed on the designated offload areas opposite the swims for loading and unloading only. Please do not drive or park on the grass.


- The cabin and lodge are there for your comfort, and to store your food and belongings. Please ensure they remain tidy throughout your stay, and that they are left as you found them when you leave.


- Any items of angling equipment (carryall’s, rod holders, bait etc.) must be kept on swims, and not in the lodge.


- Please do not put bivvies up outside of the designated areas on the Swims


- The toilet and shower facilities are available to all guests 24/7. Please keep these areas tidy.


- Maximum of one non-angling guest per angler (excluding cabin bookings). No visitors or pets please.


- Use of the swimming pools is at your own risk, and we decline any responsibility for any personal injury that may occur from misuse of this, or any other of our facilities.


- An adult must supervise minors at all times while on site, particularly if using the swimming pools.


- No swimming in the lake under any circumstances.


-Pools are opened for use as of the second weekend of June, weather-permitting, and are closed from the last weekend of October.


- Weather permitting, Wednesday is our general maintenance day, which includes grass cutting (mowing + strimming), and pool cleaning. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


- All areas must be free of all rubbish (pieces of line, bits of bait, cigarette butts, etc.) before you leave.


-Please leave the cabin, lodge and bathrooms as you found them at the beginning of your stay. Cleaning kits are provided for your use.


- Rubbish/recycling bins (black for food waste, yellow for recycling, and green for glass), are provided in the chalet and lodge.


- Anglers are expected to bring their own toilet rolls and black bin bags for the duration of their stay.


- Drug use and alcohol abuse WILL NOT be tolerated.


- We run a family site, so please adapt behaviour and language accordingly.


Failure to conform to these conditions may result in you and your group being asked to leave the site, without a refund, as well as your safety deposit being withheld.

Thank you for your understanding!