The Golden Carp Lake is an 12-acre lake located in the picturesque department of the Dordogne in the south-west of France, surrounded by 20 acres of unspoilt woodland.


With its three double swims, impressive facilities, Cabin accommodation for four, two splash pools, and an extensive stock of 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, to a lake record of over 70lbs, this is the ideal destination for experienced anglers looking for a serious venue for themselves with the option to bring family and friends.


The lake is stocked with a selected 120+ pristine carp, with a 2022 average weight of 38.4lbs. A maximum of six anglers can enjoy this destination on a Lake Exclusive or Individual Swim basis.


Around a five and a half hour drive from the port at St. Malo, its proximity to Brantôme, the “Venice of the Dordogne”, as well as the big cities of Perigueux and Angouleme, ensure that families and guests have plenty to keep themselves entertained.


For those in your group who appreciate a slower pace of life, The Golden Carp Lake is the perfect destination to spend time sunbathing, swimming and unwinding, or enjoying a relaxed meal and a glass of wine in one of the many nearby restaurants, bars and cafés.


Whether in a group, as a pair, or with a family looking for a getaway whilst you chase the catch of a lifetime, The Golden Carp Lake is the place you’ve been looking for….