PRICES 2018 (Applicable for bookings for 2018/2019)


Bookings are for one week from Saturday to Saturday. No arrivals or site access before 12am.

Swims MUST be vacated, and we ask that you leave the site, by no later than 10am.

ALL INCLUSIVE CLIENTS please be aware that airport runs LEAVE the lake at NO LATER than 9:30am



Lake Exclusive (six anglers plus six guests, Cabin included, on a "Drive and Survive" basis): €2000


VIP Package (Lake Exclusive, includes Fishing, Meals, Tackle, and Airport Transfers, Cabin, etc): €2000 +€180/person (airport transfer is included for a maximum of four people)


Individual Swim Bookings (Double Swims, 2 angler occupancy as standard):

All-Inclusive (Fishing, Meals, Tackle, and Airport Transfers) Swims 1, 2, 3: €980/swim/week (€490/angler/week)


Drive and Survive (Fishing only) Swims 1, 2 and 3: €570/swim/week (€285/angler/week)


Swim Block (option for single angler to book out double swim for themselves): Single Angler Fee + €140


Guest Fee (1 guest per angler, and agreed at time of booking): €80/guest/week


2nd Bivvy Rental (Includes 1-man or 2-man Nash bivvy*, maximum 1 per Swim and agreed at time of booking. Not available on Swim 2): €65/week


Food Package: €150/person/week


Cabin Swim

Cabin booking for families/groups of up to 4 people (2 anglers plus 2 guests MAXIMUM, on a "Drive and Survive" basis): €995/group/week


Bivvy Pitch (maximum 1 per angler, and agreed at time of booking): €50/bivvy/week



Electric boat motor, and batteries: €50/swim/week


Anatec Catamaran baitboat, with two sets of batteries: €100/swim/week


Bait and Bits

Please check out the latest prices on our Bait page


Tackle Hire

Please check out prices on our Tackle page

A refundable deposit of €300, payable on arrival, AND A CURRENT VALID PIECE OF IDENTIFICATION  (passport, driving license) is required, per angler, for tackle and facilities use.